Chaos – Battle of the Wizards

‘Chaos – Battle of the Wizards’ is a great game orginally written for the Spectrum by Julian Gollop and adapted for Flash by Myke Black in 2008. In it you play duelling wizards either against computer opponents or turn-by-turn against your friends. The controls may take a bit to get the hang of but it is well worth it! I love this game!

The keys are:
A D – Each of these is a direction, e.g. Q is up-left.

S – Select Creature/target
K – Cancel (spell or movement)
I – Information (when cursor is over a creature
0 – End Turn

1-8 highlight creatures for player 1-8


At the start of the game, you must select the number of wizards
(from 1-8) and the level of the computer wizards (from 1-8),
which is basically their difficulty level. Not all of the
wizards have to be controlled by human players – any or all can
be controlled by the computer.

The computer will then go through each wizard in order. For each
wizard you must give them a name, decide who is to control them
(a player or the computer), and then select their colour and
graphic, which AFAIK makes no real difference to the game.

The game is divided into turns, and each turn is divided into 2
parts. The spells are selected and cast in the first part, and
all movement is made in the second.

A menu is given for the first part, which allows the players to
examine the spells to see what they do and their chance of
success, select a spell, view the map and then finish. During
the first part, all the human players can select 1 spell to cast
that turn. The chance is success of each spell is shown by the
colour (the lighter, the greater chance), unless a creature is
cast as an illusion, in which case they are always succesful.
The chance of success of each spell is determined by how powerful
the spell is, and also the current state-of-the-world, which can
either be law (arrows) or chaos (stars). The current state is
shown on the menu screen.

When viewing the map, holding down a number from 1-8 will cause
all the objects to flash that are owned by that number wizard.

Once all the players have selected their spells, the wizards take
turns to cast their spells. This may involve selecting target
squares or creatures, by using the keys above, and pressing S.
If no such selection has to be made, then just pressing S will
cast the spell. Any wizard that is computer controlled casts
their spells automatically.

After all the spells have been cast, the computer then checks all
the effects in the game, and things will happen across the map.

Once this has been done, the wizards then take turns to move
their creatures, by selecting them and then moving. Wizards can
ride certain creatures simply by moving into them (provided they
own them). To attack another creature, simply move into it.
Then, at the end of each turn the wizard will be asked if he
wants to dismount. Any creatures that can shoot can only do so
once they have moved.

One thing to note is that undead creatures can only be attacked
by other undead creatures, or a wizard with a magic weapon. When
a creature is stood next to an enemy, they cannot move away until
that creature has been killed.

Once all the wizards have moved, then game then loops round to
the menu screen again.

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