This week in Epic Fail: Loki explains how he’s Lucky.

Creator’s Commentary: Yeah, there’s no evidence for that etymology, although Loki and Lucky do sound similar.

↓ Transcript
LOKI: Did you know that 'Luck' is named after me? There's good Luck... and Bad Luck. Everyone wants Luck on their side. But you? You are seriously pushing it.

Pg 101: Incentive

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts wants an incentive to join Loki

Creator’s Commentary: Once again working with Hyro Rizen, who is kindly doing the coloring when I can’t manage it (drawing, text and effects like glowing, smoke and fire still me).

Amuletts is being mercenary. She tries to make the most out of any situation, and a God’s got to have resources. I know the keyring is an anachronism, as it is clearly a modern keyring, but Loki doesn’t care. He knows he’s in a comic and will take every opportunity to sell himself.

↓ Transcript
AMULETTS: I'll agree... for a price.
LOKI: You want MORE?!
AMULETTS: Call it a sign-up incentive.
LOKI: I see. Like a free keyring!
AMULETTS: No. I need proof you're genuinely nice and not just faking it.
LOKI: So you're saying... the keyring isn't enough?!

Pg 97: Offering Yourself

This week in Epic Fail: 

What do you offer a God besides yourself?

Creator’s Commentary:

I’d already drawn this page once but I wasn’t happy with the original because it didn’t work for me mainly in terms of dialogue and how I planned to continue with this interaction.

Other things I was not happy with:
The lava, although initially I thought the scribbly orange looked cool the more I looked at it the more I thought it just looked like a mess, so I took more time to make it look like lava.

Loki’s speech bubbles: I had complaints about these that they were unreadable so I have changed the style. This is actually easier. I should go back and change all of them.

↓ Transcript
AMULETTS: Look, free them and I'll serve you. That's the deal, me for them.
LOKI: And why would I want you?
AMULETTS: Everyone wants me.
LOKI: Well you're a good liar I suppose.

Pg 93: Deal or No Deal

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts wants to deal.

Creator’s Commentary: I started using the red and black in the background as a bit of visual excitement. Then I realised I could use them as part of the action.

Amuletts is good at making deals (although whether she can rival Loki is yet to be seen), however she is generally not selective with who she makes them with.

↓ Transcript
WILLI: And I learnt from that experience not to enter into obviously dodgy deals!
AMULETTS: None of you have a clue how to negotiate a favourable deal. I'm a Pro.
JACK: So a Mortal would bargain with a God?
*She vanishes*

Pg 92: Elven Fetish

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts dismisses Minerva as a Crazy Cat Lady with an elven fetish.

Creator’s Commentary: So I wanted to show a cultural difference here with Minerva thinking the cat was exotic and exciting because it was Elven and Amuletts thinking, well that’s just a bog-standard, regular cat because she’s an Elf and grew up with them (probably..).

↓ Transcript
MINERVA: You're crazy.
AMULETTS: Me? You're literally the crazy cat lady. You gave up everything you own for an ordinary cat.
MINERVA: It's an Elven Cat.
AMULETTS: Like I said, an ordinary cat. Wait... Do you have a fetish for Elven things? ... Should I be worried?
WILLI: Minera may be crazy but she's right. About Loki, not the cat thing. You're new at this. Listen to the voice of experience.
AMULETTS: I'm sorry. But it was your experience that got us into this.