Pg 104: You’re Lying

This week in Epic Fail: Loki thinks everyone hates him

Creator’s Commentary: You don’t hate Loki do you? Show him some love!

For some reason I can only here ‘You’re lying’ in Kryten’s voice.

Loki’s not beyond stooping to emotional manipulation. Is there a grain of truth to it? Who knows.


This week in Epic Fail: Loki explains how he’s Lucky.

Creator’s Commentary: Yeah, there’s no evidence for that etymology, although Loki and Lucky do sound similar.

Pg 101: Incentive

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts wants an incentive to join Loki

Creator’s Commentary: Once again working with Hyro Rizen, who is kindly doing the coloring when I can’t manage it (drawing, text and effects like glowing, smoke and fire still me).

Amuletts is being mercenary. She tries to make the most out of any situation, and a God’s got to have resources. I know the keyring is an anachronism, as it is clearly a modern keyring, but Loki doesn’t care. He knows he’s in a comic and will take every opportunity to sell himself.

Pg 100: Sales Pitch

This week in Epic Fail:
Loki does his sales pitch, but is Amuletts buying it?

Creator’s Commentary:
Inked and colored by Hyro Rizen buuut I re-did some of it because I’m fussy, waaay too fussy. I guess I’m a bit too used to it being all mine! I need to learn to lose a bit of control… (and Loki totally gets behind that sentiment)!
I rewrote Loki’s ‘pitch’ many times. It started off as a list of abilities you get as a Cleric of Loki. This version is more vague, but addresses their values more. It also alludes to a few things. And let’s face it Loki is a slippery guy, he’s not going to be too specific.

Re. schedule comics will be posted the first Tuesday of every month.

Pg 98: What Lies Beneath

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts admits that everything is a front 

Creator’s Commentary: I did a punny with the title!

Loki was a bit too much of a douchebag in my original script. Not that he can’t be but he can also be very charming. Whether on not he’s being honest, or either of these characters are I’ll leave entirely for you to speculate.

Oh go on I’ll tell you:

It’s all true. Especially the lies.

Actually truth is pretty relative especially when it comes to how a person views themselves. Look up ‘imposer syndrome’.