Pg 82: The Ring of Fire

This week in Epic Fail: In retrospect stepping through that portal was a really bad idea.

Creator’s Commentary: If you want to see the uncensored version of page 82 click here.

This really happened in our D&D game. Blame the guy who wrote “All adventurers arrive completely naked and devoid of special equipment.” Not that I mind a bit of nudity 😉

It was interesting doing the different body types, especially Jira as a muscular woman, and Dalion, the wrinkly Halfling. Oh, yes, and Humans have body hair, Elves not so much. It’s in the Player’s Handbook that Elves are hairless except on their heads.

Pg 81: Martin’s Worst Enemy

This week in Epic Fail: Martin continues his story. Yoru is very interested because it involves Demons.

Creator’s Commentary: Flashback panels are inked digitally using my Cintiq tablet, but with thinker lines than the previous page. I’m getting the idea that thicker lines are generally preferred – do I have that right? The rest is hand-inked. Can you tell the difference?

I’m not sure about the frames – is it clear what is flashback and what isn’t?

Life-wise I am running ‘START’ Art Classes in Oxford which are megga fun!

Pg 80: History

This Week in Epic Fail: Martin begins his story and explains how the adventuring party was different in the past.

Creator’s Commentary: First comic inked on my Cintiq!

Pg 77: I Know What You Did Last Night

This week in Epic Fail: Yoru warns Amuletts to stay away from his Mother if she wants to go to Nirvana.

Creator’s Commentary: Strictly speaking, in D&D, followers of Guan Yin do not go to Nirvana, they go to the plain of Lawful-Neutral or some-such. Personally though I’d rather stay true to the original mythos, so Yoru has been taught that his goal is the achieve enlightenment and reach Nirvana.

Life-wise I have moved house, the downside being it’ll be a while before I have a proper internet connection, but the upside being I have a much better living room. Well, for a start I actually have a living room (there wasn’t one I could use at my previous house) but furthermore it has a decent-sized table for gaming (we used to play in my bedroom, on a fold-out craft table).

PG 76: Hairlarious

This week in Epic Fail: The rest of the party find Clodin’s new hair style hilarious.

Creator’s Commentary: Arguably I’m just milking the same joke. It’s rather fun drawing people doubled over laughing. By the way Yoru is brushing Tinuvielle’s hair in the background there. I though that was rather cute.

News on me: I’ve been given my notice (my Landlord is selling the house) and I need to find a new place to live. This is becoming a somewhat familiar pattern for me.