PG 76: Hairlarious

This week in Epic Fail: The rest of the party find Clodin’s new hair style hilarious.

Creator’s Commentary: Arguably I’m just milking the same joke. It’s rather fun drawing people doubled over laughing. By the way Yoru is brushing Tinuvielle’s hair in the background there. I though that was rather cute.

News on me: I’ve been given my notice (my Landlord is selling the house) and I need to find a new place to live. This is becoming a somewhat familiar pattern for me.

Pg 75: Scare Hair

This week in Epic Fail: Clodin is trying out a new look to try and get noticed more.

Creator’s Commentary: So, yeah, reference to ‘The Hobbit.’ They sure seem to like their plaits in Middle Earth don’t they?

Pg 69: Epic Fail

This week in Epic Fail: Clodin explains how, if this was an epic, it would be a failure.

Creator’s Commentary: How many jokes can the characters make about the comic itself without breaking the forth wall?

Btw I sorta ‘failed’ NaNoWriMo. I wussed out. Okay I had RSI from typing and was nervous about continuing because I’m sorta paranoid about my hands. I want to be able to use them for a long time so did not want to risk injuring them further. If I’d really wanted to push on I probably could have but I think it would have been a bad idea. I mean, I’ll still try to finish my story but not at such a break-neck pace!

Pg 68: Crazy Witch

This week in Epic Fail: Tinuvielle reassures Dirk that Amuletts will leave him alone.

Creator’s Commentary: It that an end to it? Will Amuletts stop trying to wind up Dirk?

Pg 61: Family Values

This week in Epic Fail: Clodin Learns that Amuletts has sold Andy Roid.

Creator’s Commentary: Busy scene this one. I thought it would be a real pain drawing Amuletts’ Gryphon, the horses and everything but it was really fun! (As a child I was obsessed with horses and drew almost nothing else so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised it comes back easily).

I know it may seem kind of weird that I included Andy in the story at all given he was going to disappear so quickly, but there were a few reasons why. 1) I try not to stray too far from the events that happened in gaming reality; 2) He helps highlight Amuletts’ mercenary nature; 3) If I ever go back and cover the adventure before this one I want the continuity to be straight (it’s not totally beyond the realms of possibility that I would. It was a good adventure); 4) Other characters will come and go too. Might as well start as I mean to go on.