Pg 108: Leap of Faith

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts makes a leap of faith

Creator’s Commentary:
Sorry for posting this a day late.

This is a page I’m really satisfied with: I like the layout and the joke cracks me up. It’s just sooo Loki.

There’s a bit of symbolic death and rebirth here, fire being an element of change. The phoenix rising from the ashes. Being a Logan’s Run fan I was tempted to include a chant of “Renew! Renew!” 
Did you notice the site redesign? Tell me what you think!

Pg 107: Not on Fire

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts notices that she is not on fire.

Creator’s Commentary: I was contemplating whether to include this or not i.e. had I inferred enough that magic was protecting her from this inhospital environment just by that fact she is there and not on fire/asphyxiating? Or would it look like a big plot hole?

Mainly I decide to include it because it makes it clearer why Amuletts thinks Loki is kinda a nice guy. At least in this moment. 

EDIT: Oh poop, I got Loki’s speech bubble the wrong color in panel 2!!

Epic Fail 106: Test of Faith

This week in Epic Fail:  Loki wants Amuletts to prove her faith and all it takes is a little trust

Creator’s Commentary:

Sorry it’s a bit late (right day, at least!) Lockdown is making me lose track of what day it is :s

Why wouldn’t you trust Loki? He was only trying to pat her on the back. Probably.

I found the ‘Clip Studio Paint’ freehand speech bubble tool – and I’m loving it! Why couldn’t I find this before!

Pg 104: You’re Lying

This week in Epic Fail: Loki thinks everyone hates him

Creator’s Commentary: You don’t hate Loki do you? Show him some love!

For some reason I can only here ‘You’re lying’ in Kryten’s voice.

Loki’s not beyond stooping to emotional manipulation. Is there a grain of truth to it? Who knows.


This week in Epic Fail: Loki explains how he’s Lucky.

Creator’s Commentary: Yeah, there’s no evidence for that etymology, although Loki and Lucky do sound similar.