Pg 110: Ambush!

This week in Epic Fail: The party is ambushed. But by who?
Creator’s Commentary: I was thinking of having some dialogue on this page but the images just say everything.
This is a small rewrite from what actually happened in our D&D game, but largely so I can squeeze in the best bits. And set-up stuff. Plus I really want a fight scene to show what everyone can do! 

Pg 109: Suspense

This week in Epic Fail:

Your doesn’t think Martins story is suspenseful. Meanwhile Amuletts tries to warn the party.

Creator’s Commentary: 

That’s it for the Loki segue… for now. It may have taken over slightly, but what can I say? Loki wanted an appearance and one does not argue with a God.

The suspense created by the last page is deflated here, then you’re given a different source of suspense. 

Pg 90: You’ve WON!

This Week in Epic Fail: CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve won a fabulous prize! To claim it all you have to do is swear your eternal fealty to Loki.

Creator’s Commentary: I hope you noticed this message appeared in the form of an annoying pop-up.

Pg 89: Expectation Versus Reality

This Week in Epic Fail: Yoru finds holes in Martin’s story

Creator’s Commentary: The Spelling Bee joke at the top of this page took me ages to write. It’s probably not that funny. I tried. *Shrug*

Expectation Versus Reality refers to the fact that Yoru is probably getting a very skewed/idealised version of reality. Mind you doesn’t this happen to us all in childhood? He’s a bit too young to realise yet.

By the way when Willi’s chest turned up in our Dungeon’s and Dragons game I genuinely imagined it working the way Yoru does. It was ages before I learned it was Martin’s version. I guess I was using computer game logic. I mean, lots of computer game characters seem to keep their inventory in some mysterious chest cavity so why wouldn’t this be a thing?

Pg 87: Spelling Bees (the new Insult Swordfighting?)

This Week in Epic Fail: Martin explains how Spelling Bees are an alternative to combat.

Creator’s Commentary: It could have been Insult Swordfighting.

I’m clearly poking fun at Gollum’s speech impediment here. See a small boy doing an impression of Gollum spelling ‘precious’ (and getting it right unlike in the comic) during a actual Spelling Bee!

Yes, that is M.C. Escher’s ‘Relativity’ recreated in panel 1. Or at least a version thereof. I hope you appreciate that it is not easy to draw. And, no, it isn’t here because I’m an obsessed Labyrinth fan – whatever gave you that idea?!