Pg 93: Deal or No Deal

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts wants to deal.

Creator’s Commentary: I started using the red and black in the background as a bit of visual excitement. Then I realised I could use them as part of the action.

Amuletts is good at making deals (although whether she can rival Loki is yet to be seen), however she is generally not selective with who she makes them with.

Pg 92: Elven Fetish

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts dismisses Minerva as a Crazy Cat Lady with an elven fetish.

Creator’s Commentary: So I wanted to show a cultural difference here with Minerva thinking the cat was exotic and exciting because it was Elven and Amuletts thinking, well that’s just a bog-standard, regular cat because she’s an Elf and grew up with them (probably..).

Pg 90: You’ve WON!

This Week in Epic Fail: CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve won a fabulous prize! To claim it all you have to do is swear your eternal fealty to Loki.

Creator’s Commentary: I hope you noticed this message appeared in the form of an annoying pop-up.

Pg 88: Party Kitty

This Week in Epic Fail: Willi suggests the loot goes in the Party Kitty. Lan tries to put money in the party kitty, but the cat objects.

Creator’s Commentary: What Lan did to that cat was too graphic to draw… :S

My favourite part of this page is Willi facepalming.

P.S: After this the cat poops gold!

Pg 87: Spelling Bees (the new Insult Swordfighting?)

This Week in Epic Fail: Martin explains how Spelling Bees are an alternative to combat.

Creator’s Commentary: It could have been Insult Swordfighting.

I’m clearly poking fun at Gollum’s speech impediment here. See a small boy doing an impression of Gollum spelling ‘precious’ (and getting it right unlike in the comic) during a actual Spelling Bee!

Yes, that is M.C. Escher’s ‘Relativity’ recreated in panel 1. Or at least a version thereof. I hope you appreciate that it is not easy to draw. And, no, it isn’t here because I’m an obsessed Labyrinth fan – whatever gave you that idea?!