Pg 89: Expectation Versus Reality

This Week in Epic Fail: Yoru finds holes in Martin’s story

Creator’s Commentary: The Spelling Bee joke at the top of this page took me ages to write. It’s probably not that funny. I tried. *Shrug*

Expectation Versus Reality refers to the fact that Yoru is probably getting a very skewed/idealised version of reality. Mind you doesn’t this happen to us all in childhood? He’s a bit too young to realise yet.

By the way when Willi’s chest turned up in our Dungeon’s and Dragons game I genuinely imagined it working the way Yoru does. It was ages before I learned it was Martin’s version. I guess I was using computer game logic. I mean, lots of computer game characters seem to keep their inventory in some mysterious chest cavity so why wouldn’t this be a thing?

Pg 86: Oh Look! A Distraction!

This week in Epic Fail: Tinuvielle distracts Yoru from his awkward questions by (dramatically) explaining interrupting Martin’s story was bad manners. With a rapt audience Martin continues the fiery tale of his adventures with demons.

Webcomic Creator’s Commentary: 

I love Tinuvielle’s hammy acting, the throwing up her arm and the “Woe! Woe!” I hope you found it as funny as I did. I’m nearly finished with the Elven Pussy now. Nearly.

Poor Martin does have a tendency to do what he’s told without thinking it through. In other news: Fire burns. Yes I did reference Labyrinth in the comic, not so much a tribute to the late David Bowie so much as because it’s my favourite movie so I possibly reference it too much.  This joke may have been inspired by the Amanda Palmer Labyrinth with Sock Puppets version though.

You know that red thing the characters are standing on in panels 5 and 7? That is a platform painted with a symbol of chaos and you only keep seeing a fraction of it.  I seem to keep redrawing the entire thing because I’m a dumb, dumb artist who wants it to be accurate and like making life hard on myself. Grr.

What I’m not too happy about is that big gap on the left og panel 7 actually. I think maybe you should see the second demon or some of the other adventurers standing there. Hmm, editing may occur.

Sorry I’ve not been playing Dungeons & Dragons so much lately as the One Night Ultimate Werewolf card game and it’s game expansion Daybreak. We just intend to play a few hands then get to the D&D but end up playing Werewolf the entire evening *guilty face*. It’s true.

Pg 85: Be Careful What You Wish For

This week in Epic Fail:

Tinuvielle explains to Yoru how wishes work. Now he understands exactly what to do should he ever come across one. Tiuvielle feels so… ambivalent.

Creator’s Commentary: 

Hmm is the the opportunity to tell all my stories about cursed wishes in D&D? Okay then! Well one time the player character knew their wish was cursed so they tried to wish for something harmless so they wished for a banana… so naturally a giant stone banana fell out of the sky Monty Python style and crushed them to death. Another was from a Deck of Many Thing and not Cursed per se but as Tinuvielle would say ‘untrustworthy.’ The wish was for a good and righteous bastard sword which appeared in front of the warrior wishing for it… right along with it’s owner! Oh and then there was the mage who just messed up their wish to resurrect a dead character by saying “I wish this companion (PC’s named) to live as long as there is breath in my body” which brought that character back to life but meant that if the mage died, they did too.

What about you? Any good Wish stories?

Pg 84: Getting Pussy

This week in Epic Fail:

Martin tells the story of how Minerva wisher for an Elven Cat aka Cath’Quessir.

Creator’s Commentary:

[Uncensored version of Pg 84: Getting Pussy is Here] Yes, her Pussy is Magic (NSFW Duh)!

Relax, it’s a pun. It’s a pussy cat. I bet many of you who clicked on the link to this comic were bitterly disappointed – you perverts!

So, this news was posted on social media some time ago so some of you will already be aware: I am now a home owner! I would like to pretend it was off the back of webcomics but we all know that isn’t true; it was mainly website design. The main colour scheme is silver and purple and I am doing a ridiculously fantastic job of finding purple and silver stuff to go in it (got a free vacuum cleaner of freegle and it just so happened to be purple and silver! Now if I had asked I would never have got that but I got it just by chance)! Found a bread-maker in a charity shop and now the smell of baking bread often wafts around the house (yum yum yum). I am going to build a studio in the garden, a (small) library in the loft and keep chicken and bees and grow my own veg. At least that is the plan. And make fab art and comics of course 🙂

Pg 83: Parental Guidance

This Week in Epic Fail: Martin continues his story with parental guidance from Tinuvielle.

Creator’s Commentary: You can find an uncensored version of this page here.

I’m a real fan of the unreliable narrator. Not only does it allow for great comedy it also allows me to tell Dungeons and Dragons stories without ‘spoiling’ the scenario for anyone. Sure, you may find some things familiar but they aren’t going to help your characters against those great big Demons!

Incidentally I do try to keep the comic PG because whilst I personally don’t have a problem with nudity I respect that others do.