Happy Valentines Day!

So, under the influence of a love potion – a gift from Amuletts – Tinuvielle and Clodin do something absolutely unmentionable.  (An elf and a dwarf together?!  There’s gotta be a law against that)!  Martin pulls some absolutely wonderful facial expressions in response and Dirk goes blind.

Being a holiday special this page does not fit into the story-line.  I told Miriam (the player who controls Tinuvielle an our role-play game) about this page and she was absolutely horrified!  So I put it up anyway.  I may be punished for it later.  See how nice I am to you guys, putting out a comic despite great personal risk?

↓ Transcript
DIRK: (Holding up a potion bottle) What exactly does this do?
AMULETTS: Are you blind? (Pointing at Tinuvielle and Clodin who are kissing! A moment later they are throwing their clothes aside).
DIRK: Jeez! Now I am!
MARTIN: (Thinking) So... wrong... but cannot... look away!
DIRK: (Covering his eyes) Does it last long?
TINUVIELLE: AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Could somebody get me some mouthwash?

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