Amuletts and Clodin recieve the gift of chocolate eggs from Tinuvielle.  However there are some strange runes written on them.  As the pair peer at them they explode!

When I drew the Valentines Day bonus page the player of Tinuvielle was shocked!  She said I was allowed to post it as long as she got revenge later.  Well here it is!

Happy Easter everyone!  I’m sorry this page is not shaded.  I did not have a lot of time to complete it due to going on holiday.  I may go back into and shade it later.

↓ Transcript
AMULETTS: Wasn't it nice of Tinuvielle to give us these chocolate eggs. Has yours got this weird writing on it?
*Eggs explode!*
TINUVIELLE: Ha! That's for the love potion!
CLODIN: But I was a victim too!
TINUVIELLE: Yes but you enjoyed it!