Pg 94: Loki Entrance

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts meets Loki.

Creator’s Commentary: Get it? Loki entrance?

So I find it amusing that Amuletts immediately loses confidence. Also that Loki is really sarcastic XD

He’s coalescing out of smoke in this scene. God of Fire and all 😉

Perhaps I should take this opportunity to discuss Loki’s hair. As I’m sure many of you will be aware Marvel’s Loki (portrayed by the lovely Tom Hiddleston) has black hair, but Loki is often portrayed as having red hair because this is the colour associated with fire. In Norse mythology his hair colour is not confirmed he is simply described as ‘handsome.’ To a Viking well kept blonde hair was considered handsome so quite possibly Loki was canonically a blonde. Of course being a shapeshfter he could probably have whatever hair colour he pleased.

I’ve gone with literal firey hair.


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