“Bye Bi Baby” Bi Visibilty Day 2015

Happy Bi Visibility Day! Obviously this is not a comic set in the fantasy universe of Epic Fail – although Dick certainly did fail at chatting up the ‘Bi Babe’… and in case you were wondering that is his name in the script. Dick. ‘Cos he is one. Nothing subtle about this gag.

(Dick is also wrong is panel 7 when he says men and women are 100% the population of the world, because he’s ignoring other genders such as transgender, agender and intersex, but this is just one of the ways in which Dick is a dick).

Indeed Bisexuals will not sleep with anyone, in fact for some there are extensive criteria including how expansive your book collection is and not only which series of Star Trek do your prefer but which do you revile most and if you cannot agree upon these matters then there is no hope for you I am afraid :p

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