Epic Fail 106: Test of Faith

This week in Epic Fail:  Loki wants Amuletts to prove her faith and all it takes is a little trust

Creator’s Commentary:

Sorry it’s a bit late (right day, at least!) Lockdown is making me lose track of what day it is :s

Why wouldn’t you trust Loki? He was only trying to pat her on the back. Probably.

I found the ‘Clip Studio Paint’ freehand speech bubble tool – and I’m loving it! Why couldn’t I find this before!

↓ Transcript
AMULETTS: What the Hel is this?
LOKI: Your test of faith.
AMULETTS: Can't we just take my faith... on faith?
LOKI: *Laughs* No. I need proof you're genuine and not just faking.
LOKI: It's easy. Just trust me.
AMULETTS: Trust YOU? Yeah... real easy!
LOKI: [Moves up behind her]
AMULETTS: Don't push me!
LOKI: I wasn't gonna!

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