Amuletts gets her vengeance by setting fire to the dwarfs beard.  He panics.  Everyone tries to be helpful.  The mysterious blue-robed figure tries to approach, but is halted by a guard.  She seems to have a scroll in her hand…

I like this layout, though it may be a bit tricky to read on the screen – sorry about that.  I like to action/reaction frames.  It’s good to say things without words!  I found the extreme perspective fun too.  It may not be wholly accurate, but it creates the right impression.

By the way, Amuletts produced that fire magically.  I thought I’d mention it in case you thought she was using a lighter.  She’s actually clicking her fingers (though the lighter effect is not unintentional).

↓ Transcript
*Amuletts magically prodices a lick of flame by clicking her fingers then tosses it at Clodins beard, where it smolders*
CLODIN: Nhh? (His beard bursts into flame) YAAARG! MY BEARD - MY BEAUTIFUL BEARD!
SOMEONE: Let me try something.
CLODIN: Stop fanning it!
SOMEONE: I think I have some water in this flask.
CLODIN: That's lamp oil!

*Meanwhile the blue cloaked figure approaches, clutching a scroll, only to be stopped by a guard*

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