Pg 4: Some messengers are asking to be shot

So, the messenger delivers her message (if you thought she was a man you are forgiven.  I drew her pretty androgynous to add to her mystery.  But in page 1, frame 8 you can see the curve of her left boobie).  In case you haven’t guessed she is a lead-in character, and you probably won’t see her again.  That said she has quite a strong personality and I will miss her.  She is determined and practical.

Not there are a lot of mistakes on this page.  “Shoot mess-anger” is one, Tinuvielle’s left arm is another.  I won’t point out the others.  Perhaps you won’t notice them. Mistake fixed!

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Having read this page first and having no idea what was going on, I couldn't help but interpret the last panel in the filthiest manner possible. The gratuitous elf cleavage probably nudged me a bit in that direction…

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