Curiouser and curiouser.  That’s one mysterious message, but I guess the sender thought Tinuvielle would know what it means, which apparently she does.  I love how caring and sensitive Martin is here.  Though obviously disappointed he just lets her go.

And the King makes another fantastic appearance!  Personally I think he has one of those teleporting Thrones like the Keeper of Traken *EDIT: Okay, Whoies, it’s a wing chair* – a perfectly good security measure in a magical universe if you ask me.  It’s hard to assassinate a target who can vanish at will.

Yeah, I know some of the faces are a bit dodgy – hey, I’m new at this.  At least the characters are recognisable from frame to frame, quite an accomplishment for me.

↓ Transcript
GUARD: I apologise for the interruption. The messenger said it was urgent.
*Tinuvielle breaks the blue wax seal on the scroll and opens it. Her eyes widen in shock*
The Letter says: Come at one. Yoru needs you.
MARTIN: What's wrong?
TINUVIELLE: I have to leave immediately.
MARTIN: But they are holding a ball in our honour - we were going to dance.
TINUVIELLE: I'm sorry Martin. Yoru needs me and I have to go.
MARTIN: Of course you do.
TINUVIELLE: I had best take my leave of the King.
KING: Good gracious! You actually remembered I'm here!

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