Pg 6: Just fight amongst yourselves…

This week in Epic Fail: Despite Dirk’s efforts fighting has broken out between Clodin and Amuletts. The King isn’t happy and hints at dire consequences.

Creator’s Commentary: So, we have our first fight scene, and it’s infighting.  I’m not sure how well this scene flows, especially with Dirk and the Golem (known as Andy Roid), but hopefully it makes sense.

Amuletts is my namesake.  I use it a lot online.  I decided I wanted a nickname like Trillian (Patricia McMillan) from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  So I joined Amy Letts together by bastardising the U.  Of course, using variants and anagrams of your own name is a long-standing tradition in rpgs, originating from the great Gygax himself (Zagyg being the most obvious example).

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It took a while (maybe 5 minutes) but I tracked you down 😀

The Action is a little hard to fallow, wasn't really sure how the android got there( who appears to be running on symbian 😀 ). Or how the cloak managed to change colors from gray to red, but I'm guessing it's the same excuse I always use: “majik”

The thing with the king from last page kept me laughing all the way trough this page and I'm still smiling.

Ooo you noticed the colour changing cloak. Well spotted. It should be come more obvious over the next few pages what it actually does. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you happen to be them) these guys have quite a number of magical items, abilities and whatnot. Listing them would be boring, so I'm trying to drop them in in hopefully entertaining ways.

Ah, looks like the King earned his fee. It's not easy getting an important person like that to appear you know 😉

I noticed the thing started turning red in the second panel, but since it's still gray in the 5th then suddenly red in the 6th I assumed shading was somehow involved.

As for the bucketload of majik, I prefer a more basic low fantasy approach to it. Some but scarce and powerful as opposed to plentiful and weak.

Because these guys are in a high risk job they get paid a lot and can afford the more powerful enchantments. And the abilities they have aren't common, they're exceptional, if they weren't they'd already be dead. I was hoping all the pomp and circumstance might suggest they're something special.

Ah, I guess I'm just used to the world being saved every few days by adventurers, so I tend to see such things as trivial 😛

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