This week in Epic Fail: Despite Dirk’s efforts fighting has broken out between Clodin and Amuletts. The King isn’t happy and hints at dire consequences.

Creator’s Commentary: So, we have our first fight scene, and it’s infighting.  I’m not sure how well this scene flows, especially with Dirk and the Golem (known as Andy Roid), but hopefully it makes sense.

Amuletts is my namesake.  I use it a lot online.  I decided I wanted a nickname like Trillian (Patricia McMillan) from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  So I joined Amy Letts together by bastardising the U.  Of course, using variants and anagrams of your own name is a long-standing tradition in rpgs, originating from the great Gygax himself (Zagyg being the most obvious example).

↓ Transcript
TINUVIELLE: I'm sorry Your Majesty I have to-
KING: Yes, yes, I know. You have to go. But... Our ceremony has been reduced to chaos. Resolve this situation or you can forget about leaving anytime soon!
TINUVIELLE: Immediately Your Majesty.
AMULETTS: If people keep yelling my pseudonym I'm going to have to change it!
Missed! Heh!
MARTIN: Stop it! Just ..stop it!
AMULETTS: ME? I'm not the one throwing AXES.
MARTIN: You set fire to his beard!
AMULETTS: When did that become a crime? Feh, you sound just like Sir. Dirk.
DIRK: I order you to release me!
ANDY: Negative. Your authorization is invalid.
MARTIN: Can't you just stop causing trouble and say sorry?
MARTIN: Predictable.
AMULETTS: I like trouble and I don't like Clodin. If you expect me to apologise I'll need a very good incentive.

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