This week in Epic Fail: Clodin throws an axe into Amuletts’ negotiations with Martin. Martin figures 100 gold is a small price to pay for her to behave herself. She explains, rather cryptically, that he has been cheated, but pockets the money anyway.

Creator’s Commentary: Now you know why Clodin responded so violently.  As for Amuletts… she’s greedy.  Mind you, she didn’t think Martin would take her offer, after all, it was extortionate!  He was supposed to barter.  Gold to Amuletts is rather like a pocketful of coppers, but “look after the pennies…”

Incidentally I like the close-ups on Clodin.  They worked out better than I expected.

I gave my Mother the comic to read and she did so out loud.  She did Clodin’s lines with a squeaky little voice, presumably because he is small.  It made me laugh.

↓ Transcript
MARTIN: How much?
MARTIN: 100!
MARTIN: What? NYAH! (Amuletts dodges one of Clodin's axes so it clangs against Martin's armor)
CLODIN: Damn it!
MARTIN: Clodin what are you doing?
CLODIN: Trying to give her what she deserves. To a dwarf the beard is sacred. (Shedding a tear) And she has defiled it!
TINUVIELLE: (Patting Clodin on the head) There, there Clodin.
AMULETTS: And I thought it was just some routine mischief! Well, well, we live and we learn.
MARTIN: Sigh. I'm looking forward to our next adventure. Give me mortal peril over you two squabbling any day.
AMULETTS: Give me the money and all your troubles will be over. (Amuletts looks supprised as a bag of cash falls into her hands), You are such a SUCKER!
Marrtin, as we're friends I'll give you some advice. When someone tells you to do something... THINK before you do it. Especially if it's me. It won't always be in your best interest.

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