This Week in Epic Fail: Yoru finds holes in Martin’s story

Creator’s Commentary: The Spelling Bee joke at the top of this page took me ages to write. It’s probably not that funny. I tried. *Shrug*

Expectation Versus Reality refers to the fact that Yoru is probably getting a very skewed/idealised version of reality. Mind you doesn’t this happen to us all in childhood? He’s a bit too young to realise yet.

By the way when Willi’s chest turned up in our Dungeon’s and Dragons game I genuinely imagined it working the way Yoru does. It was ages before I learned it was Martin’s version. I guess I was using computer game logic. I mean, lots of computer game characters seem to keep their inventory in some mysterious chest cavity so why wouldn’t this be a thing?

↓ Transcript
YORU: You expect me to believe you defeated Monsters in Spelling Bees?!
MARTIN: You're right... I didn't, but our Magic User could Spell like a Demon!
MARTIN (imagining a wooden chest): Willi had a non-dimensional, Magic Chest, so we used this to store our 'winnings.'
YORU (imagining Willi opening up his Chest Cavity): Neat!
MARTIN (Narrating): Once I persuaded Amuletts to let someone else 'look after' the gold.
MARTIN (in flashback): Bad Amuletts! Leave it!