Happy Bi Visibility Day 2016!

This comic is about how people have weird expectations of Bisexuals that mostly don’t involve knitting and board games.

↓ Transcript
NICKI: I'm off to the local Bisexual Group, wanna come?
DIANA: And meet those perverts?!
NICKI: Do you think I'm a pervert too? At least meet them before judging them!
DIANA: *Gasp!*
*The room if full of people. One group is knitting quietly the other is playing a dice game at a table.*
DIANA: This is the last thing I expected!
NICKI: What did you expect?
DIANA: I don't know... Wife Swapping! Devil Worship! Maybe an Orgy! Not...
BISEXUAL GUY: *After rolling dice, leaps to his feet, hands raised in victory, shouting* YAHTZEE!!!