This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts, in an act of friendship, explains to Martin that he should expect her to try and cheat him.  (If she hitherto succeeds Amuletts will consider Martin responsible since he was warned but let her do it anyway).  Unfortunately, with a mix of subtlety and a word of over three syllables, she merely manages to confuse him.star_trek_huge_ears

She offers Clodin a rather glib apology which only in angers him further.  Finally, the irate dwarf feigns deafness.

Creator’s Commentary: The title for this page is a quote from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Look, I took a screen capture of the alien Dr.McCoy was referring to.  Yep – them’s some huge ears!  Anyway, I used it in this instance to poke a little fun at my own cartoon style.  I tend to, shall we say, exaggerate ears a bit.

↓ Transcript
MARTIN: So you're saying I shouldn't have given you the money?
AMULETTS: Oh no. I would never say anything like that.
But as a friend i feel it is only fair to warn you that some people can be utterly unscrupulous.
MARTIN: Right!
MARTIN (thinking): Hmm, I wonder what 'unscrupulous' means.
AMULETTS: Clodin, I owe you an apology.
CLODIN: You can say that again.
AMULETTS: Clodin, I owe you an apology.
CLODIN: You just came over here to make fun of me!
AMULETTS: Oh no! I could have done that from over there.
Look, I really just want to say sorry.
CLODIN: Go ahead, say whatever you like. Just don't expect me to listen to it.
AMULETTS: *sigh* I'm sorry.
CLODIN: Huh? What? Did someone say something?

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