This Week in Epic Fail: Willi suggests the loot goes in the Party Kitty. Lan tries to put money in the party kitty, but the cat objects.

Creator’s Commentary: What Lan did to that cat was too graphic to draw… :S

My favourite part of this page is Willi facepalming.

P.S: After this the cat poops gold!

↓ Transcript
MARTIN (Narrator): After a while we had quite a lot of what I'm going to call... prize money.
AMULETTS: Can we split the loot now? Huh?
WILLI: No, I think it should all go in the Party Kitty.
LAN: Oh that's right it's a magic cat! But I can't seem to find a coin slot. Oh wait...
MINERVA: Oh My Goddess! What are you doing to my Cat!!