This week in Epic Fail: With either incredibly good or incredibly bad timing Amuletts orders Andy to release Dirk just when he happens to be straining to his utmost. Gravity plays its part; Dirk falls on his arse. Tinuvielle helps him up, and berates him sternly for allowing himself to be baited. He resolves never to let it happen again. This is put to the test immediately when Amuletts decides to create an illusion re-enacting his fall.

Creator’s Commentary: I wasn’t sure whether this page was going to work out, because it has a lot of Dirk in it and his character design was the least worked out. But now it’s all done I think it’s pretty funny. *Snigger*

↓ Transcript
*Dirk strains hard to pull out of Andy Roid's grasp*
AMULETTS: Andy, realease him.
*Andy Roid released Dirk suddenly causing him to fall backwards!*
DIRK: Wahh!!
TINUVIELLE: Are you alright? Nothing hurt? (Helping Dirk to his feet). No drama?
DIRK: DRAMA? Someone has to try and keep her under control!
TINUVIELLE: That doesn't mean you have to rise every time she baits you.
DIRK: What?
TINUVIELLE: Dirk, she want's you to react - so don't! Demonstrate your discipline and self-control.
DIRK: (Grinning) It'll drive her crazy.
AMULETTS: That one deserves an illusitory action replay (creates an illusion of Dirk falling down).
DIRK: (Thinking) Order; Discipline; Control. Order; Discipline; Control. Order; Discipline...
TINUVIELLE: (Thinking) Must not laugh...

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