This week in Epic Fail:
Loki does his sales pitch, but is Amuletts buying it?

Creator’s Commentary:
Inked and colored by Hyro Rizen buuut I re-did some of it because I’m fussy, waaay too fussy. I guess I’m a bit too used to it being all mine! I need to learn to lose a bit of control… (and Loki totally gets behind that sentiment)!
I rewrote Loki’s ‘pitch’ many times. It started off as a list of abilities you get as a Cleric of Loki. This version is more vague, but addresses their values more. It also alludes to a few things. And let’s face it Loki is a slippery guy, he’s not going to be too specific.

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↓ Transcript
LOKI: You wanted freedom? I can give it to you, true freedom without the shackles of rules and law. I guarantee you will change. You'll set the world on fire. All you have to do is trust me. What's stopping you?
AMULETTS: Nice sales pitch, but... I'd be a fool to trust the God of Lies.
LOKI: I think you could use a God of Lies.
AMULETTS: Maybe I could.

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