This week in Epic Fail: Loki thinks everyone hates him

Creator’s Commentary: You don’t hate Loki do you? Show him some love!

For some reason I can only here ‘You’re lying’ in Kryten’s voice.

Loki’s not beyond stooping to emotional manipulation. Is there a grain of truth to it? Who knows.

↓ Transcript
LOKI: I tried but it's never enough!
AMULETTS: I'm sorry?
LOKI: I've done the whole gift thing before. It never pays off. Odin, Sif, Thor... They all hate me because... I'm a monster.
AMULETTS: I like you.
LOKI: You're lying.
AMULETTS: No... really! I like you. And the outfit's... fine.
LOKI: You really mean it?

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