Pg 107: Not on Fire

This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts notices that she is not on fire.

Creator’s Commentary: I was contemplating whether to include this or not i.e. had I inferred enough that magic was protecting her from this inhospital environment just by that fact she is there and not on fire/asphyxiating? Or would it look like a big plot hole?

Mainly I decide to include it because it makes it clearer why Amuletts thinks Loki is kinda a nice guy. At least in this moment. 

EDIT: Oh poop, I got Loki’s speech bubble the wrong color in panel 2!!

↓ Transcript
LOKI: Oh me! You have some trust issues!
AMULETTS: I do not.
LOKI: Then be my guest by all means. Jump.
AMULETTS: I would in an instant! Only... I wouldn't want to ruin this beautiful outfit you made for me.
LOKI: You mean the outfit that is NOT on fire, despite the fact you're standing in a stream of lava?
AMULETTS: Oh right! God magic! You've been protecting me this whole time!

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