Pg 11: Appreciation

This week in Epic Fail: The King decides it’s best to wrap things up quickly and calls for a final show of apprieciation.  Cue crowd of cheering fans!  Alas, this is not the kind of ‘appreciation’ Amuletts was after.  To make matters worse the group is faced with some kind of beaurocrat who states they cannot benefit from their titles unless they fill out some documents.  Tinuvielle is particularly frustrated, being desperate to leave.  The beaurocrat offers his assitance and Amuletts makes a cheap pun (she can’t afford expensive ones at this stage in the story)…  Knickers are the same as panties by the way.

And I finally finished those webcomic cameos!  Here is a list of everybody in the crowd and the comics they are (from top left to bottom right):

Matilda and Constance from A Mad Tea Party
The Whizz from Maskerman
Alfonso the Paladin from Recombobulated
Keith from Karmic Debt
Talon and Vrin (well, she has her head cut off) from The War of Winds
Future Paladin from The Best of What’s Left (TBOWL)
Lana from Spying with Lana
Patty from Galaxion (in her hat)
Lena from Sunset Grill
Haylus and Jaze from Atomic Elements
Gabriel and Falahil from Between Places
Kishandren and Kinrou from Childern of the Tiger
Zelda and Louise from Life’s a Witch
Nogi of Dungeon Legacy
Hippolyte and Cyrene of Amazoness

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