This week in Epic Fail: Some questions get asked and Martin struggles to answer them. It seems they never quite agreed on a party name, or who was in charge for that matter. Martin steps up to the plate but is challenged by Clodin, whilst Amuletts moves as far away from it as she can get.

Creator’s Commentary: This, and the following three pages, are the most accurate to actual gaming events that I’ve written so far. It’ll be interesting to see how entertaining outsiders find them. I hope were you all sufficiently distracted by Tinuvielle’s breasts not to notice how badly I drew Martin’s hand in panel 7. Clodin’s Heroes is a reference to Kelly’s Heroes, and offbeat World War II film starring Clint Eastwood.

↓ Transcript
SERVANT: Ahem-heh-hem. This should not take long, I just need a few pieces of information. Firstly what is the name of your group.
MARTIN: Uh, what? I don't...
TINUVIELLE: We don't have one.
CLODIN: Yes we do, we're called 'Clodin's Heroes.'
MARTIN: No we're not.
SERVANT: Alright... Who's your leader then?
MARTIN: Hmm I guess that would be me.
CLODIN: Why you?
MARTIN: I think it's because I'm the strongest.
CLODIN: You're not.
MARTIN: The most experienced.
CLODIN: Amuletts is just as experienced as you!
AMULETTS: Woah woah, I don't want to be leader.
CLODIN: Why not?
AMULETTS: Responsibility is not... "my thing."

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