This Week in Epic Fail: The party take a vote to decide who will become the leader.  They foolishly leave Amuletts with the deciding vote, who promptly asks who will bid for it.  Dirk is horrified, but Amuletts maintains she is staying true to the spirit of politics.

Creator’s Commentary: Trying to draw Amuletts rubbing her hands together was sheer hell.  You may wonder why Tinuvielle and Dirk voted the way they did.  Well, Dirk is banking on dwarves reputations for being lawful, and Tinuvielle believes she has Martin wrapped around her little finger.

↓ Transcript
TINUVIELLE: Why don't we take a vote?
DIRK: That sounds fair. I vote for Clodib.
TINUVIELLE: I vote for Martin.
AMULETTS: Well, well, well... It seems I have the deciding vote. What am I bid?
DIRK: Ow... I HEARD you. I was just expressing shock that you should be so unprincipled as to try and sell your vote.
AMULETTS: But isn't that how politics works?

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