Clodin bids a gold piece for Amuletts’ vote.  Dirk is horrified.  Amuletts attempts to draw Martin into a bidding war, but he refuses to co-operate, even though the position of leader is at stake.  He points out that they are best friends and and perhaps that should be of value.  As she considers the dwarf holds up a shining gold piece and grins.

↓ Transcript
CLODIN: I bid one gold piece.
CLODIN: But she's right. It is how politics works.
AMULETTS: Oh Dirk, you are so naive. One gold piece is bid - do I hear two?
MARTIN: No. I'm not giving you any more money.
AMULETTS: But Martin, this is for the LEADERSHIP!
MARTIN: I know... So you have to decide... whether to vote for a gold piece... or your best friend.