Tinuvielle makes a speedy exit, narrowly escaping a kiss goodbye from Amuletts.  Clodin, Martin and Dirk continue to discuss group names.  Amuletts joins in, but only has one suggestion, which is soon quashed.

Hmm, I can’t seem to help myself with these references to geek pop-culture.  Tinuvielle’s 7 is a reference to Blake’s 7, the cult sci-fi show.  Its name belied its content: the cast of characters frequently fluctuated and rarely added up to seven, and Blake himself left the series!

The name Amuletts wanted to suggest is The Wanderers of Wonder.

In other news my buffer has run out!  Oh woe is me!

↓ Transcript
Later... *Tinuvielle rushes into a carriage as Amuletts blows her a kiss goodbye*
Even later...
DIRK: How does 'Dirk's Holistic Protective Agency' sound?
CLODIN: What does 'Holistic' mean?
DIRK: Holy, I guess.
CLODIN: Well YOU may be holy but WE aren't.
MARTIN: Hmm, what do you think of 'Tinuvielle's 7?'
CLODIN: Tinuvielle's seven?!
MARTIN: What's wrong with that?
DIRK: Well for a start Tinuvielle just left.
CLODIN: Yeah and there aren't seven of us.
MARTIN: There isn't?
CLODIN: Nope. Five.
MARTIN: Hmm, well, counting's overrrated.
MARTIN: Oh we're still trying to think of a name for our group.
AMULETTS: I've got one!
MARTIN: (Holding up his hand to halt her) We are not having a name with the words wand or wonder in it.
What about words that sound the same but are spelt differently?