Pg 21: Waking up the Wrong Way

This week in Epic Fail: Tinuvielle is awakened by a little boy poking her in the face.  She is not amused.  He tells her they have arrived at the temple and she immediately leaps out the carriage to discover her luggage is being unpacked rather hap-hazzardly.  This is dangerous because she has volatile potions in her pack!  She warns the fools but it’s all to no avail.  The potions are thrown of the back of the carriage and land with force, exploding in a large fireball.  Tinuvielle is burned and extremely hacked off!

Creators Commentary: Panel 6 worked out better than I could have hoped.  I redrew it about 8 times before finally just writing BOOM! in the box.  Then I drew Tinuvielle with a near panty-shot in the hopes that it would distract people.

I’m still working without a buffer and have no idea what to draw for the next page by the way…

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