Pg 25: No Smoking!

This week in Epic Fail: Tinuvielle expresses her hatred of smoking and is shocked to learn exactly how fast her baby is growing up.  Yoru says Hi.

Creator’s Commentary: It seems I’m getting pithier with my page recaps!

I am delighted to finally introduce Tinuvielle’s son, Yoru.  He’s been sitting in my website banner for some time now, but I never revealed who he was (though I’m sure some of you suspected).  Well, now you know.  I hope it wasn’t an anticlimax.

I stole the dialogue in the first frame directly from the lady who role-plays Tinuvielle, word for word, because it made me laugh.  Doing the facial expressions was a scream too.

Also, smoking is bad.  (Actually I really do hate smoking, it damages your health and makes you smell bad.  Really bad.  Don’t do it).

Ani means Sister.  So when Yoru says “Ani Kaitei” that’s “Sister Kaitei.” ‘Cos she’s a nun.

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I've been spoiled by… other comics…

The plot is interesting, and the humor, too. Then again, it may just be that I'm too nice to say anything rude about other people's work.

And I never noticed she was in her underwear! =D

Well thanks… I think. Feel free to be frank with your opinions. I'm not saying you should be rude to me, but criticism that I can build on is most welcome 🙂

Well, technically it *isn't* underwear, it's an incredibly skimpy dress a little the worst for wear after the potion incident. But as far as a boy brought up by Nuns in concerned… it's underwear!

I think such an idea is great and it could help an anti-smoking campaign targeted for teenagers. Smoking today is a real problem for youngsters and it needs to be dealt with.
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