This week in Epic Fail: Tinuvielle expresses her hatred of smoking and is shocked to learn exactly how fast her baby is growing up.  Yoru says Hi.

Creator’s Commentary: It seems I’m getting pithier with my page recaps!

I am delighted to finally introduce Tinuvielle’s son, Yoru.  He’s been sitting in my website banner for some time now, but I never revealed who he was (though I’m sure some of you suspected).  Well, now you know.  I hope it wasn’t an anticlimax.

I stole the dialogue in the first frame directly from the lady who role-plays Tinuvielle, word for word, because it made me laugh.  Doing the facial expressions was a scream too.

Also, smoking is bad.  (Actually I really do hate smoking, it damages your health and makes you smell bad.  Really bad.  Don’t do it).

Ani means Sister.  So when Yoru says “Ani Kaitei” that’s “Sister Kaitei.” ‘Cos she’s a nun.

↓ Transcript
TINUVIELLE: Who gave my baby a pipe?! He is far too young to smoke!!!! No making him die of cancer!
MATRIARCH: Tinuvielle, just listen to me, this is important.
TINUVIELLE: I should say so!
MATRIARCH: Yoru is maturing at an incredible rate. He’s physically comparable to a human ten-year old. Mentally he’s even more advanced.
TINUVIELLE: B-but he’s only six months old!
MATRIARCH: Yes, and in another six months he could be an adult.
TINUVIELLE: Th-that’s not possible!
YORU: Ani Kaitei, why is that lady in her underwear?
CLERIC: Yoru, this is your Mother.
YORU: Ah. Hello Mother.