This week in Epic Fail: Yoru bombards his Mother with questions about why he is different. Tinuvielle concludes it is time for a Tea break!

Creator’s Commentary: Right, I’ve decided that if Tinuvielle was going to sit down and have tea the Guan Yin Clerics would at the very least provide a bowl of water so she could wash her hands and face! So… a bit of poor continuity here until I get around to shading the next three pages.
I did stupid amounts of research into the correct way to serve tea.

↓ Transcript
YORU: Why has it taken so long for you to come and see me?
YORU: Are you really my Mother? Why do you look so strange? Don't you know it is wrong to wear so little? Why am I so different from everybody? What am I? Why am I growing up so fast? Am I going to live with you now? Who is my Father? Are you married to him?
MATRIARCH: We have done our best to answer his questions, but his has a lot left!
TINUVIELLE: (Taking a deep breath and blowing it out slowly) For this I will need tea...
*The scene changes to indoors where Yoru is pouring tea for his Mother*
TINUVIELLE: Thankyou. Now ask your questions. Slowly.

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