This week in Epic Fail: Tinuvielle explains to Yoru that he is adopted and that both his Parents are dead, but won’t elaborate on how they died. Yoru’s reaction is impressively calm.

Creator’s Commentary: I thought Yoru would be hell to draw and surprised myself by doing a pretty consistent job! Expressions were quite a challenge, mainly because they’re so keyed down. This was an exercise in subtlety. Both characters are being very controlled; Tinuvielle because she’s worried about upsetting her son, and Yoru because… well… that’s what the nuns have been teaching him these past six months. He has demon blood, can you imagine what that’d be like if it wasn’t controlled?

↓ Transcript
YORU: So my other half is... an Elf? Like you?
TINUVIELLE: Actually your other half is human.
YORU: So you're not my real Mother.
TINUVIELLE: Not by blood. I adopted you. You're my son by choice.
YORU: But where are my real Parents?
TINUVIELLE: They're both dead. I'm sorry.
YORU: How did they die?
TINUVIELLE: I... I can't tell you that now. Ask me when you're older.
YORU: ...How did my Parents die?

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