This week in Epic Fail: Yoru becomes impatient.  Tinuvielle explains her decision to leave him in the temple’s care.

Creator’s Commentary: Aww, wasn’t Yoru a cute baby?

In the original, pre-photoshop version of this page the final frame was the smallest.  It clearly needed more prominence so I made it bigger, but in doing so lost the space in the ‘flashback’ frames I had left for text.  This resulted in the cleric’s face in frame 7 becoming obscured.  Though not intentional, I actually quite like this – Tinuvielle handing her child over to some unknown, faceless priestess kinda adds something.

There’s a fair bit of dialogue in this scene so I tried putting some of the speach bubbles behind the characters since I didn’t want it covering all my pretty artwork.

↓ Transcript
TINUVIELLE: I want to tell you the truth, but if I told you now I don't think you'd understand.
YORU: I comprehend far more than anyone realises.
TINUVIELLE: Of course, you're very intelligent. But you need to be patient too, can you do that?
YORU: Yes Mother. I've had a lot of practise waiting for you. Why did you leave me for so long?
TINUVIELLE: To keep you safe! I'm an adventurer and I do dangerous things. Of course I wanted you with me but I realised I couldn't do that and keep you out of harms way. So I asked the temple to care for you for a short time, not realising that a short time for me would be an incredibly long time for you. I'm sorry I missed you growing up.

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