This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts propositions Dirk. The chaste Paladin is having none of it.

Creator’s Commentary: Finally got it done!  Now to sleep Zz zzz…

↓ Transcript
AMULETTS: (Showing off dress) What do you think?
DIRK: You look lovely.
AMULETTS: (Giggling coyly) Why thank you Sir!
DIRK: Why don't you dress like that all the time?
AMULETTS: Well it's hardly the most practical attire, but it pays dividends during barter. It makes my offers seem much more attractive.
DIRK: Hmm, yes, I can see that.
AMULETTS: You can? ...You know we could always pospone the shopping trip...
DIRK: What do you mean?
AMULETTS: Well I could take the dress off...
DIRK: Gah! Get away from me you harlot! (Dirk flees the room)
AMULETTS: Hmph! You take that vow of chastity waaay too seriously.