This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts is shopping with Dirk (who’s a bit bored) and is aghast to discover her minion, Andy Roid, is so overloaded with shopping that he cannot carry her latest acquisition!  Or can he?

Creator’s Commentary: I had dialogue scripted for this, but decided it wasn’t necessary, the visuals say everything.  Well, enough to tell my very silly joke.

At this point I cannot resist quoting Red Dwarf:

Rimmer: I never agreed with my parents’ religion, but I wouldn’t dream of knocking it.
Lister: What were they?
Rimmer: Seventh Day Advent Hop-ists. They believed that every Sunday should be spent hopping. They would hop to church, hop through the service, then hop back home again. I tell you, Sunday lunchtimes were a nightmare – we all had to wear sou’westers and asbestos underpants. You see, they took the Bible literally – Adam and Eve, the snake and the apple, took it word for word. Unfortunately, their version had a misprint. It was all based on 1 Corinthians 13: “Faith, Hop and Charity, and the greatest of these is Hop.”

Anyone think Andy might be a closet Hop-ist?

↓ Transcript
*Amuletts, Dirk and Andy Roid are walking down a street when Amuletts spots something she likes in a shop. She comes out with a bad but Andy Roid is already carrying a lot of bags and has no more room in his hands. He raises one of his legs, Amuletts hangs the bag on it and they carry on happily down the street, Andy Roaid hopping behind.*