This week in Epic Fail: Dirk is becoming bored of shopping but reluctant to leave Amuletts. He makes a slip of the tongue and is mocked for it. When Amuletts makes an innuendo he flees.

Creator’s Commentary: Yes this is Epic Fail’s first running gag.  It’s a gag about running.

I made a typo and this strip happened, with due influence from my own experience of tongue-slips.  Very funny, very embarrassing and oh so true.  “Lave” means to soothe as if by washing, never to be confused with lathe which is a woodworking tool for cutting or sanding.

↓ Transcript
DIRK: Are you going to buy that?
DIRK: *Sigh*
AMULETTS: You can go and look at armor if you want...
DIRK: And lave you unattended?
AMULETTS: *Snort!*
DIRK: What?
AMULETTS: You said you were going to "Lave me." That's a, erm, interesting fantasy.
DIRK: I said leave.
AMULETTS: You said lave.
DIRK: It was a slip of the tongue.
AMULETTS: You know where I'd like you to slip your tongue.