This week in Epic Fail: The gang reunite at an Inn and have drinks (especially Clodin).  Initially Amuletts does not spot Tinuvielle because she is dressed in a drab colored dress clearly designed to cover most of her skin – a big difference from her usual revealing attire.  Amuletts challenges her, pointing out how strange it is and Tinuville admits that her son, Yoru, has made the difference.

Creator’s Commentary: If you’re experiencing deja-vu that’s because I posted this a while back, then decided it was a mistake because I’d missed out a ton of stuff. So now it’s back – in its proper place.

Check back soon: I’ll be posting a Halloween Special.

↓ Transcript
MARTIN: Hey Amuletts, Dirk - I like the armor.
DIRK: Uh...
AMULETTS: Who's a girl gotta screw to get a drink around here?
*The barmaid starts filling a tankard*
AMULETTS: So, charming as this place is, why here and not the Palace?
MARTIN: I was approached by a Mage with a job for us. She has rooms here.
AMULETTS: And Tinuvielle will catch up with us later?
TINUVIELLE: Tinuvielle has caught up with you.
AMULETTS: Where? Did you cast invisibility or something?
TINUVIELLE: I'm HERE! (Wearing a significantly different outfit than before, it's brown and far from being scanty covers her from head to toe).
AMULETTS: Oh! Sorry! I didn't recognise you with your clothes on! Are you in disguise for a particular reason?
TINUVIELLE: I'm not is disguise, I'm...
AMULETTS: In costume?
AMULETTS: You're a Doppleganger!
TINUVIELLE: Don't be ridiculous! I just decided to dress a little more modestly. I'd like to be a good role-model for my son.