This Week in Epic Fail: Dirk takes a breather after escaping Amuletts’ innuendos and encounters a Gnome who appears to be very interested in Andy Roid.

Creator’s Commentary: For everyone who is wondering “Eh, what’s this, haven’t we already had page 35?” the answer is yes. Unfortunately I missed some stuff out, so I’m adding it in. The original Page 35 has been temporarily removed from the archive, but you can still read it here.  Apologies for any confusion caused.

The Gnome is equipped with a chair-cane: a walking stick that folds out to become a tripod-based stool and is very useful if you need a portable seat. I have a fondness for dual-purpose canes such as the sword-cane, the golf-cane and the drinking-cane (talk about the elderly having street-cred)!

Hmm, there’s not really a pay-off on this page, unless you count the nod towards my favorite-movie-of-all-time, Labyrinth. Does every page need a pay-off?

↓ Transcript
DIRK: Sigh... (Dirk slumps against a wall and slowly slides down it onto the floor. A small Gnome with a walking stick and red hat approaches him).
GNOME: 'Ello.
DIRK: Excuse me?
GNOME: I said 'ello.
DIRK: Oh. You're a Gnome aren't you?
GNOME: That's right. I'm a collector of mechanical oddities and couldn't help noticing your Golem. (The Gnome unfolds his walking stick to make it into a chair and proceeds to sit on it).
DIRK: It's not my Golem. Should be. But Amuletts ordered it to obey her exclusively.
DIRK: Women eh?