This week in Epic Fail: Introductions made, the Gnome again enquires about Andy.

↓ Transcript
AMULETTS: And whom do I have thepleasure of addressing?
I am Bleefoodle-Hodgewick-Dwobgel-Offlebert-Wimmip-Elnottin-Bimpwocket-Nobnock-Furdle-Punrick.
AMULETTS: (Thinks) Wow.
I'm happy to make your aquaintance good... Gnome.
GNOME: The pleasure is all mine.
AMULETTS: Pray tell, what business do you have with Sir Besmirchin'?
GNOME: Why none, my business is with you. I understand you're the owner of this unusual Golem.
GNOME: Where in the world did you find such a thing?
AMULETTS: The ancient fortress overrun by monsters which was threatening the land blah blah blah.
GNOME: Ah yes, I think I may have heard something about that...
AMULETTS: I'm sure it's being sealed up as we speak to protect the public.
GNOME: A pity.
AMULETTS: I thought so...
GNOME: The pleasures that place could hold...
AMULETTS: Oh, I'm fairly sure I didn't leave any behind.