This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts and Bleef discuss the many uses of the Swiss Army knife – I mean Andy! – then more on to Climate Change – GAH! I mean MIPI!

Creator’s Commentary: I can neither confirm or deny whether Magically Induced Planar Instability exists, it’s just a theory that exists in that universe, as Climate Change in ours. You can make up your own minds as to the truth of both, or neither.

I know a few people have been anticipating the explaination of Amuletts’ sudden… assets. I wonder how many people are scratching their heads in confusion and how many are going ‘Ohhhh! Of course!’ I can’t tell you quite how unexpected the last panel was. Originally that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Oh, and I just got awarded The Soulless Machine’s Flash Fiction Award for Epic Fail. YAY!

And I’ll be heading to the Caption Comics Convention in Oxford (UK) this weekend, so I’ll see you there if you’re coming.

And there’re are vote incentives up every day now. I created sim versions of all the characters in The Sims 3 so they’re mainly amusing snapshots of their adventures in sim-land.

↓ Transcript
GNOME: An anti-magic ward would be a useful enchantment to say the least, making it easier to hide magic items from thieves.
AMULETTS: A challenge indeed!
GNOME: But an alternative, non-magical technology could solve so many problems. Magically induced Planar Instability for instance.
AMULETTS: I don't believe in MIPI.
GNOME: There's growing evidence that drawing power from other Planes intrinsically weakens the barriers between them.
AMULETTS: That's ridiculous. It's just scare-mongering. There're more other-planar intrusions and people want something to blame. Magic is the obvious target,
but it isn't the cause. There is no cause. It's just the ebb and flow of the universe - Law and Chaos.
GNOME: You sound very certain.
AMULETTS: The only thing I'm certain of IS uncertainty. And I like it that way.