This week in Epic Fail: One of the Orbs which Amuletts has been hiding under her top falls out and lands at Dirk’s feet. He pulls her up by the hair and demands to know if it is stolen property.

Creator’s Commentary: Triple pun in the title of this one! Busted – get is? As in slang for caught out/in trouble, as well as broken and boobs (i.e. big-busted). Triple-whammed!! I’m quite proud of that.

If you can’t figure out where she got the Orbs from I shall think you a simpleton..

When they first appeared I had no inkling that this would happen, they were just there and it was perfectly natural that Amuletts should take them and perfectly obvious where she would hide them. I conceived several scenarios whereby Dirk would (or wouldn’t) find out, including them being Orbs of Audibility which suddenly start ‘talking’.

Frame 5 is very similar to how my Parents discipline the dogs when they have been naughty: grabbing them by the scruff of the neck (or hair in the case of Amuletts) and dragging them over to be shown what they have done.

↓ Transcript
*An orb falls out of Amuletts' top, revealing that her breasts are false and she has just hiding things there. She tries to grab it but it rolls across the ground stopping at Dirk's feet, who bends to pick it up. He examines it, puts two-and-two together, and seazes Amuletts' by the hair, dragging her to her feet and forcing the orb under her nose.*

DIRK: Tell me you didn't steal this!