This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts’ tries to avoid the accusation of theft by calling it something different. Strangely enough this tactic doesn’t work on the Paladin. He gets her in a wrist-lock, forcing her to drop the second Orb and demands to know what else she stole. She admits to stealing a necklace that she is hiding in her… *ahem*

Creator’s Commentary: I hope you appreciate the backgrounds, they took me ages this time. It would be much easier if I just used a block of colour or something.

For some reason I kept misspelling ‘else’ as ‘elf.’

↓ Transcript
AMULETTS: I didn't STEAL anything.
DIRK: Are you really stupid enough to lie to me!?
AMULETTS: I never steal. I LIBERATE. Steal is an ugly word.
DIRK: It's an UGLY DEED! If it's so offensive DON'T DO IT!
DIRK: Is there anything else you've STOLEN?
DIRK: What?
AMULETTS: A pearl Necklace.
DIRK: Where?
*Amuletts points at her crotch*