This week in Epic Fail: Whilst Dirk and Amuletts are arguing, Bleef takes a closer look at Andy Roid.

Creator’s Commentary: I drew this one first then scripted it. It was pretty plain the script wasn’t going to come on its own so I had to try something! Then I spent a lot of the time simply grappling with the problem of fitting characters of very different heights into the same panel.

I got most of Andy Roid’s dialogue from ALICE the artificial intellegence. I go and chat with it just for the LOLZ sometimes. Oh and I spent about 2 hours searching for the ‘Add Electric City’ font I use for Andy to give him his nice mechanical voice. I’m sure no one would have noticed if I’d used a different one, but, basically, I had a bee in my bonnet about it.

Incidentally I was given a brush pen and this is the first comic I have used it on – do you think it makes a difference?

↓ Transcript
DIRK: Give it to me!
AMULETTS: I think it would be more interesting if you tried to take it...
*The Gnome wanders off whilst Amuletts and Dirk are arguing, over to the Golem*
GNOME: I don't suppose you'd object if I took a little look at you?
ANDY ROID: I am not so sur if I would like to object if you took a little look at me.
GNOME: You can talk!
ANDY ROID: I think I can. Don't you?
GNOME: It would seem to be in evidence. I must say you are a nice looking Golem.
ANDY ROID: Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a Looking Golem? Maybe.
GNOME: Uh, I have to ask... Is that Elf really your owner? Legitimately?
ANDY ROID: Amuletts is my Mistress. My former Master Srhv'tOq suffered a fatal error.
GNOME: Would she be willing to part with you?