This week in Epic Fail: Dirk searchs Amuletts for the hidden necklace and finally gives her an ultimatum.

Creator’s Commentary: I’ll leave it to the reader’s to decide where exactly he’s putting his hand. I actually had a layer called ‘blushing’ when I created this one.

↓ Transcript
AMULETTS: Warmer. Getting warmer. HOT! Very hot!
DIRK: (With eyes closed and his hand up Amuletts' skirt) But I haven't found anything yet.
AMULETTS: You're not looking in quite the right... area.
DIRK: But you said I was getting hot!
AMULETTS: Maybe you weren't but I was! (Dirk whips his hand away, a look of disgust on his face)
DIRK: I'm going to give you a chance. If you return everything to their rightful owner and convince them you are truely sorry I won't hand you over to the authorities.
AMULETTS: You wouldn't punish me yourself?
DIRK: Amuletts, you don't have to steal to get attention.
AMULETTS: Is that what you think I was doing?
DIRK: Yes.
AMULETTS: Actually I got a 100% discount.
DIRK: And what kind of discount was that? A FIVE FINGER discount? Come on, you can't expect me to swallow that!