This week in Epic Fail: Amuletts tries to get Dirk to participate in the sexy kind of Fantasy Role Play. He runs away.

Creator’s Commentary: I wasn’t at all sure whether to be this blatant, but luckily this is a comic on the internet and I know that in comparison to a lot of the stuff out there this is pretty tame.

Some of you will be pleased to hear that this is the end of the ‘Shopping’ storyline. It was fun, and I could go on, but I think I’ve said what’s necessary.

↓ Transcript
DIRK: There never was a Necklace was there?
AMULETTS: Perhaps.
DIRK: You lied to me to get me to.. to...
AMULETTS: Would you like to do it again?
AMULETTS: Oh really? You know now I think about it I seem to recall this dress is stolen.
DIRK: Stop it!
AMULETTS: Oh yes, definately. Definately stolen. I stole it REAL GOOD! I think you'll have to take it off me... as evidence.
*Dirk runs away*
AMULETTS: Hey! Where are you going? Didn't you hear me? I stole something. I'm a dirty little theif and I need punishing!